Monday, April 24, 2017

Public Service Announcements

This public service announcement (PSA) is very effective. The images were most useful for the purpose, you are able to see the damage done to the cars involved. Also, you are able to see how the people involved are affected and how many lives will be changed. At the accident site, there were ambulances, First Responders, and more than one helicopter, which shows how dangerous texting and driving is. So many people were involved and can be involved, lots of help is needed in order to save as many lives as possible.

This is another PSA. The purpose of the PSA is to inform about the aftermath of texting and driving and how if your phone gets the last word, the people left have to pick up the pieces. I find this PSA useful because it doesn’t just show the impact of texting and driving one the accident site. It also shows how the people you love are affected and how much their lives change without their family/friends.

Monday, April 17, 2017

High School Diplomas

The lack of a diploma can affect a person’s health. A person without a diploma is less likely to have a good paying job and will not make as much money as someone with a diploma. With less money, you are not able to buy or afford as much, such as healthy food or health care. “You’ll be more likely to have access to medical care (health insurance from your job) and have the funds to pay for it (better salary).(Link)” Having a diploma is necessary for having a better salary which will provide more opportunities for better health.

Having nearly 1 million students not complete their high school diploma can be harmful to the society. This is because most jobs require a high school diploma and so people without a high school diploma are not as likely to have a job, causing unemployment rates to rise. Also, you are not always able to reach your full potential because colleges won’t accept you without a diploma.

If the trend continues that 25% of freshmen fail to graduate high school on time the school and community will be affected. The school’s graduation rate will drop. Also, the community would have to wait longer for students to graduate and have a good paying job. The economy would not be as stimulated as it could be if all students graduate one time. In order to help change this statistic, the school can offer extra help for the students that may not graduate on time.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Grit and Traits

Grit is having passion and perseverance for long-term goals. In life grit in needed because the only way to achieve your goal is by working hard. Sometimes you fail and when this happens you have to be able to try again and work harder instead of giving up. I do agree with the phrase ‘“entitled child culture’. Many children don’t work hard in order to achieve their goals and they think they deserve everything they could ever want, and it should never be required of them to work hard to achieve something.

‘Gradual progress/consistent effort’ rather than ‘last-minute cramming’ builds self-discipline in a person. Self-discipline is important because it leads to school achievement than IQ does, especially when hard work is involved. In the future self-disciple is important, you have to study more often for harder classes, and the bills have to be paid on time. This article explains more on why self-disciple is important.

Of the 6 traits stated in the article I read, that I feel I am the strongest in is self-disciple. This is because I don’t put things off, and I rarely have to be reminded to do my work. Over the next three years, I need to work on being open minded. I need to work on this because when I think I know something I don’t want to relearn it or learn more about it. However, there is always more to learn and relearning something may make the subject clearer.

Monday, March 20, 2017

College Degrees and High School Grades

The research done by Josh Mitchell stated in this article, demonstrates that a college degree is more important today than those who grew up a few decades ago. Josh does this by giving the evidence that people born between 1960 and 1960 made $115,000 more with a college degree than someone born between 1940 and 1944. This means that the annual salary of someone with a college degree rose, however, the salary for people with only a high school degree fell $192,000 over the same time period. Indicating how having a college degree is important for those looking to support themselves and provides people with more opportunities to make more money.

This article from Washington Post explains that better grades are linked to someone’s chances of getting into a good college. Also, better grades are related to whether someone will finish graduate school or college. Higher grades are also linked to a greater probability of someone going to graduate school and earning another advanced degree. Better grades can also indicate how much someone will make in their life.

The correlation between high school grades and overall educational attainment was strongest for minorities. This article specifies that the correlation is strongest for African American and Hispanic men. The correlation is strongest for minorities because those with good grades are more motivated to finish their education and then advance their education. However, even though they may have high grades those grades didn’t translate into high earning for minorities. The article says this could be due to the gap in opportunities made available to minorities. This article talks about how the achievement gap between minorities and whites is still there and the gap is getting wider.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Responsibility and Military Institutes

The enrollment rate has increased by 27%, and I think that the reason behind this increase is some students want to go into the military and this is a good way to have early experience with some tactics used by the military. Also, parents never want to see their children fail, and they believe that the North Valley Military Institute will help the students with their education and discipline. North Valley Military Institute mimicked the Oakland Military Institute, Oakland has a 95% college attendance rate. 82% of students are from low-income families see an option to get into a good college through the North Valley Military Institute, also 25% of students attending are special education see a good education option and their parents see a good opportunity for discipline and growth in their student.

The purpose of this article is to inform, and I know this because it is a News Article. The article is informing the reader how and why the North Valley Charter Academy changed into the North Valley Military Institute. Also, the article talks about the impact the school has had and will potentially have on the lives of students that attend the school.

Developing ‘student responsibility’ is important because it is not the teachers or bosses job to take care of the students/employees work. The students have to be responsible for their education if they want to be successful in school or a career. If a student doesn’t develop responsibility they will not be able to apply that skill to the rest of their life. Losing an important project for work will mostly likely mean you don’t keep that job for very long. Many students don’t have the motivation to do well in school. Many schools try to do something to motivate a student to do well by giving things to students who do well. However, there is not much else a school can do, only the student can develop their motivation.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Post-Secondary School

I do agree that social media should be taken into account when enrolling in a college or trade school. The person you are on social media is a part of you, so if the person you are on social media is negative you are perceived as negative. Also, because almost everyone has access to social media it is an easy way to gain more information about who you are. If a coach sees your social media, then the coach has more information about you, the information the coach sees isn’t what they want on their team then there is no reason to recruit you. While it depends on the case and what was being said, social media shouldn’t always be the deciding factor. However, it should be an important factor in recruiting and acceptance into a college. This article from Teen Life explains how social media affects students future.
Absolutely, the observation that many people, not just kids, are more worried about being a character than having character, is completely true. While it is OK to have parts of your personality that stand out and make you different when you become so involved with having all of the attention it can ruin your important relationships and change people's view of who you are. Being respectful, kind, humble, having integrity and loyalty is very important, these are all traits that people look for in friends, so recruiters and colleges look for these traits in a student/athlete too.

Some rules, like not being on your phone when you are doing work, mimic the ones students should expect once they leave high school. In a job, if you are on your phone and not doing your work you are probably not going to keep that job very long. Also, when paired with another person to do a project even if your partner doesn’t do anything and never helps, you are still responsible for finishing to project to make sure you don’t lose your job or get a zero on the project. During high school, there are things students experience that they could be great at or that they really struggle with, it shows the student their strengths and weaknesses, so they can work on improving. Also, by being shown your strengths and weaknesses, you can tell what might be good for a job in the future. While there is always a way a high school can prepare its students better, the rules, assignments, projects and being forced to work with people you don’t get along with all help to prepare students for the future.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Living Alone

The two apartment complex in Cogic Village Apartments in Bangor cost $449 for one month. Split between my roommate and I it would cost $224.5 for each of us. There is also a $25 application fee so each of us would pay $12.50 for the application, but there is no deposit fee.

Some of the bills I would have to pay:
A. Staying on the family plan for my cell phone would cost me $30.
B. I bought a Ford Escape with my graduation money. The car gets 24 miles per gallon and holds 15.7 gallons.
C. Driving 1.2 miles to and from work, and working 6 days would be 7.2 miles, for four months would be 28.8 miles. To get to the grocery store twice a month is 31.6 miles. My car gets 376.8 miles per tank of gas, after going to work and the store I have 316.4 miles left. To fill up at the local gas station cost $2.699 I per gallon, to fill up my tank would cost about $42.37.
D. To insure my car at Nationwide it would cost me $72 a month.
E. I am staying on my family’s policy for health insurance.
F. This website gives a range of cost for electric. If electric cost $50, it would cost me $25.
G. This website gives a range of cost for gas. If gas cost $100, it would cost me $50.
H. An oil change would cost about $38.
I.  Food would cost about $100.
J. Internet would cost about $32 dollars, with Netflix for $8, and Hulu for $12.
K. A haircut cost $42, toilet paper cost $4.97, paper towel cost $5.74, laundry soap cost $8.97, fabric softener cost $3.97, hand soap cost $2, lightbulbs cost $5.74, and batteries cost $5.97.
I would have $432.07 left if I bought all of the things listed above, which lets me give $100 to tithings, $100 to savings, $50 to retirement savings, and still have $182.07 left for emergencies or fun things.

Living paycheck to paycheck can be stressful because there are bills to pay and necessities that need to be paid for also. If you are not making enough to pay all of the bills you might have to get another job. Also, if an emergency happens you can’t pay for the bill and risk missing a payment that could cost you your house, gas or electric. It's important to have a skill that others find valuable so you can get a job where your skills are needed, in order to make money to live.