Monday, January 9, 2017

Advertising Changes The Value

Frederick the Great changed the perceived value of the potato in Prussia by declaring it a royal vegetable. Then, he started a potato patch and gave instructions for guards to guard the potato patch. When something is guarded, normally it has value, so the Germans started an underground potato patch. Frederick the Great used perceived value by saying that the only people good enough to eat the potato were those apart of the royal family and that this vegetable needed to be guarded. Making the peasants in his time believe that the vegetable had great value. While Ataturk used perceived value when deterring women in Turkey from wearing the veil. Instead of banning the veil he made it a law that if you were a prostitute you had to wear the veil. By doing this it made people think badly about anyone wearing a veil. So women who did not want people thinking badly about them stopped wearing the veil.

Rory’s idea about the train ride to France falls under perceived change because the train company would not be changing anything about the train itself or the length of the ride. The company would not have to spend 6 billion pounds, to change the train tracks, in order to make the ride 40 minutes shorter. However, the company would be using different techniques by using supermodels and selling liquor that the ride would be perceived as shorter. The company would not have to spend as much money on building new tracks, yet the passengers would like that the length of the ride had been shortened.

By taking a product and changing the way a consumer looks at it is perceived value. This adds value to the product without drastically changing the product. Changing someone's perspective can be useful, instead of spending more money on making a new product, and can also be used rather than making a new product out of new resources. Companies can change a product, however, if the product is not perceived as different the new merchandise will not bring in more money than the old product. However, if a consumer thinks that a new product is better than an old one, even if it is not, then the consumer is likely to go out and buy the new product. So, using perceived value is more effective than trying to change reality.
This Ted Talk gives more information about how advertising changes value.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Data and Advertisements

I feel that polls/surveys are reliable when people cite them in a study . This is because when using the surveys the study has evidence and the information being provided in the study is being backed up. While the survey creators can manipulate people in order to get the answers that they right, there is data and data gives evidence to support an argument. Even though the surveys can be manipulative the data is reliable.

The biggest struggle for me was finding advertisements that fit with the hooks I decided one. This was a struggle because when looking for the advertisements the hook was not always clear, and the way some advertisements presented the hook was different that what I had seen before with other advertisements that were using the same hook. Furthermore, this was a struggle because interpreting the advertisement, to find the hook, was difficult.  

This advertisement for Earth Day uses Inclusive Language and Anecdotes/Personal Experience. I know that it is using Inclusive Language because it says “we are running out of time,”  and Inclusive Language addresses the reader personally. The advertisement also uses Anecdote/Personal Experience because it is telling the story of how humans are melting the ice and raising the sea levels. This advertisement is using messaging value because it is telling people that they are socially conscious and that others need to be this way also. Messaging value targets a person who is socially conscious which is why messaging value fits.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Data and Arguments

It is important to support an argument with data/proof. This is because when supporting an argument with facts, the facts prove that the argument is valid. The data/proof lets others have an opportunity to look at the data and say whether or not, the argument agrees with the data. When I wanted to go to Cedar Point with my friend, I found information about the trip, before I asked my parents if I could go. The information I collected helped me persuade my parents to let got to Cedar Point with my friend. This link gives more information about using evidence in a paper.

An alternate claim is important to a researcher or and advertising firm because there is more than one of almost everything, and everyone has a different opinion about which one is the best. An alternate claim gives the writer to acknowledge the other stands that can be taken. The alternate claim also gives the writer the ability to tear apart the competition, after acknowledging it, and once again prove that their stand is the right one to take.

The audience for this paper is my peers and my teacher. They are my audience and I am trying to prove to them that my two hooks are the best. I can prove to them that my hooks are the best through the data I collect and through the alternate claim I make.

Monday, November 28, 2016

What influences my choices?

There are three types of perceived value, and the ad uses badge value. Badge value is when people consider themselves better than others because they use or own a product. I can tell that this ad uses badge value because the ad is trying to get people to buy a yacht.  The ad says ‘We used to sell yachts as luxury items, in today's world they’re really a necessity’. A yacht is still a luxury item, not a necessity. People buy yachts for many different reasons and having a yacht can make them feel more important. Badge value, most likely, persuaded them to buy the yacht.

As a consumer, the unique claim impacts me more than the unfinished and the rhetorical claim.  A unique claim is finding something about a product that is different than the other products that are almost identical to it. This impacts me more because it makes me interested in the differences of the product and not the similarities. If something someone is interested in is a part of a product then people are more likely to buy the product. The unfinished claim doesn’t impact me as much because the claim never finishes comparing the product meaning it could be better or worse than the product it is being compared to. The rhetorical claim has less of an impact because you don’t always know which product is the best so when asked ‘Don’t you want the best?’ it is hard to know if the product is the best or not.

Messaging Value is a person who is socially conscious about what is going on in the world and what products are good for their cause. Branding Value is being loyal to a certain company . An advertising company would choose to use ‘Messaging Value’ over ‘Branding Value’ because the messaging value is telling people that their product is good for the environment, or supporting diseases. The company is trying to appeal interest to the consumer, they are also trying to appeal the fact that their product is supporting different troubles we have.   

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet: True Love?

Romeo and Juliet have a romantic love. This is because their attraction to each other is tied with physical interaction. While they are both emotionally invested neither one really concerned about their others well-being. The article says “she cries to Friar Lawrence, seeking a way to alleviate their predicament and assuring him that she will go to any lengths to be with Romeo.” It then states “that she would risk grave danger to both their lives for the simple joy of company.” She is more interested in his company, and the sheerness of just being with her, then his safety or her family.

Compassionate love is better because compassionate love is slower and steadier. The two involved tend to focus on the others safety, happiness, and what is the best for the other person. They put the others needs before their own and do this instead of focusing on the pleasure of their company. However, romantic love is more of a physical attraction, the people involved care more about the physical attraction of the other, and the time spent with that person. High school teens tend to have more of a romantic love, they are at the hands of their emotions and hormones. The people tend to change during the relationships because of their emotions and hormones, they also change when exposed to reality. Romeo and Juliet would’ve had a difficult time adjusting to married life because of their romantic love. However, putting the other person's needs before your own, in compassionate love, shows respect and love for the other person, and really is true love.  

Juliet is more responsible for her emotions. After the night she spent with Romeo she told him to leave, in order for him to be safe. Showing that she is not blinded by her affection for him, placing his safety above their time together. However, Romeo is very irresponsible with his emotions. He was in love with another person just hours before. While neither one is the smartest with their decisions ignoring the family feud, getting married in secret and eventually committing double suicide.
This link gives more about the theme and also has a different take on Romeo and Juliet’s love.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is not only a story about romance but also a political story. The Capulets and the Montagues were ignoring the proclamation of the Prince of Verona. Romeo was threatened to be executed by the Prince should he return after being banished from the city. Which caused Juliet to question where her loyalty lied, with her heart, family, religion or betrothed. The things Juliet questioned were similar to what Elizabeth England was thinking about. Shakespeare often wrote about the problems of feuding nobles, and many feuding nobles often had political problems.

Romeo and Juliet fits the structure of a tragedy. This is because tragedy occurs when protagonists make a mistake and then are brought low. In Romeo and Juliet, their mistake is getting married quickly, while ignoring the family feud. They are then brought low by committing double suicide. Their mistake, caused the family feud to become more violent, and it also caused Juliet to have to pretend to be dead in order to keep herself loyal. Juliet pretending to be dead caused Romeo to commit suicide and when she woke up and saw him dead she also committed suicide. These events made the story a tragedy.  

Going to the theater today is very different than going to the theater in Shakespeare’s time. For one, many people go to the theater today because they want to see the play that is being performed. In the video, it said that people went to the theater in Shakespeare’s time instead of watching a bear fight. A lot of the time people would be louder than the play itself, so the event was more of a party than a play. The majority of people had to stand because they could not afford to sit down. Theaters in Shakespeare’s time were buildings that were partially open to the air with a thatched roof, and many times these buildings would be burned down due to cannon fire. While today, going to the theater is a very formal event with the play being the center of attention.

This link gives the major themes of Romeo and Juliet.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Science of Sleepy Teenagers

Normally I go to bed sometime between 9:00 and 10:00. There are many factors that lead to going to bed during that timeframe. One factor is that I have volleyball practice after school that starts at 4:30 and ends at 6:30, and if I haven’t finished my homework between the time school ends and practice starts, then I have to do my homework after practice. Another factor is that all of my siblings and my mom have practice until around 7:30, which normally means that we don’t have dinner until they get home. In addition, there are certain nights of the week where we have something going on after all of our practices, where I don’t get home until sometime between 8:20 and 8:45. Finally, if there are any days where I have a volleyball match, especially an away match, it could be even later that I arrive home, or the same situation could occur if there is a football game to attend. These are some factors that lead to me going in the timeframe from 9:00 to 10:00.

There are many reasons people believe that students should not start school as early as they do, this article discussed some of those reasons. Such as, the biology is teenagers, the human sleep timing changes as we change and get older,  the article states that “as puberty begins, bedtimes and waking times get later.” Also, people in their 50’s should be waking around 2 hours earlier than teens. Another factor discussed is that parents have relaxed bedtimes and that they allow teens to use electronic devices near the time they go to bed, which cause teens to be more alert. In addition, the early school starts, cause teens to not get as much sleep as they need in order to be alert during school. This evidence in the article proves true for all teens, no matter their geographic region, social class, or country.

It is important to take sleep seriously because without enough sleep a teen can be grumpy, moody, insensitive, angry, and stressed. Also because insulin levels can be compared to the levels insulin would be in the early stages of diabetes, and blood-glucose regulation can be impaired. Higher levels of the hormone ghrelin, which promotes hunger, can be found, along with lower levels of leptin, which creates a sense of feeling full. Furthermore, teens are using stimulates, such as caffeine, to compensate for sleep loss, which actually promotes alertness, and a caffeinated drink late in the day can delay sleep at night. Sleep enhances creativity , productivity, a teen's mood, and the ability to interact with others. This link also explains why sleep is important.