Monday, February 20, 2017


One career path that interests me is an operation research analyst. This career path interests me because I would be able to think logically, use analysis and mathematical skills. Also, because I am not a very creative person working with numbers and logical thinking is where I feel most comfortable and would be able to excel more than in other jobs. I am very good with numbers and I am a very logical thinker and I can work well under stress, these attributes would help if I had this career.

To become an operations research analyst having a bachelor’s degree in math business or industrial engineering is what most entry-level professionals have. However, most employers favor master’s degrees in these areas. Since being an operations research analyst interests me, if I were to go into this career, I would look into getting my degree from Princeton University.

The median annual salary for an operations research analyst is $78,630.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ted Talk-Sneakers

This Ted Talk ties into our last unit, argumentative and advertisement. The Ted Talk does this by talking about Nike sneakers, and the market that has arisen between “sneakerheads,” people who collect rare or limited sneakers. Also, every week Nike comes out with a new shoe, with a different story, and a different look, by doing this Nike is creating a new hook. By releasing more shoes, Nike has the power to stop this market. This article gives information about how sneakerheads are changing the market of sneakers.

Nike sells to two markets the secondary market and the retail market. The secondary market is the market that includes the people who collect Nike shoes and then sell them to others. While the retail market is the market that includes people who won’t pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes and are just looking for tennis shoes to wear.

If there was a ‘Stock Market of Things’ I would buy/sell books. I would buy/sell books because I have books that I would like to read. Also, I have books that I have read once or twice, or more, and would like to get rid of so that I can buy new ones.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Nonfiction Articles

The genre of the article I chose last week is a news article. The purpose of this article is to inform a reader.

The article uses two text structures. Sequence & order is one text structure and I think the article uses this because it is talking about events that have happened in Indira Islas life, Indira is an undocumented immigrant. This article also uses description and I think the article uses this text structure because it is describing different events in Indira’s life and also her feelings about Trumps stand on immigrants.

This article talks about the different technology that could be very common in a few years. Technology such as virtual reality, self-driving cars, smart wearable, and drones. While all of these ideas are creative they are going to make us more reliant on technology, which is why none of these ideas interest me. People are already so reliant on technology we are losing our connections with real people. When you throw in self-driving cars or drones people don’t have to do any work and we can become even lazier than we already are. This technology is trying to better our world and society, however, if people become too reliant than we won’t do anything for themselves. This article talks about the advantages and disadvantages that technology has.

Monday, January 30, 2017


Nonfiction is literature that consists of true stories, or facts. Examples of nonfiction literature are biographies, essays, and history.

I think that the curriculum has shifted from collections of short stories to analyze nonfiction because reading fiction is college is no longer normal and colleges have replaced fiction with nonfiction, if students start reading nonfiction when they get into college it will be more challenging if they don’t have any past experiences with nonfiction. Also, the curriculum has switched to nonfiction because most of what people read is nonfiction, new stories, mortgage papers, tax papers, and it’s important to be able to dissect and understand nonfiction reading.

Most articles are nonfiction, one example is an article from New York Times Magazine. The article's purpose is to show people that under Trump’s administration the only way that immigrants can fight back is for them to excel. I decided on this article because the title grabbed my attention. Also, I chose this article because I think it is important for everyone to know the struggles that immigrants face, and how uncertain their future is underneath Trump’s administration.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Final Semester Blog

In 2015, Michigan spent $13.8 billion from the School Aid Fund in order to support education (Link). Michigan’s Budget Offices are responsible for organizing the Executive Budget activities including advancement of the Executive Budget proposal, presentation of the budget to the Legislature, and performance of the budget after achievement. The Budget Office works in five main areas, in order to help and improve Michigan. These areas are Economic Development, Education, Health & Human Services, Planning & Local Government and Public Protection & Resources, General Government (Link). Although some people believe that Planning & Local Government should be the main priorities for Michigan’s budget, Education and Health & Human Services are more important.

Romeo and Juliet was a tragic love story by Shakespeare. In this story, Juliet falls in love with her enemy's son, Romeo, the two fall in love and get married. However, Juliet’s parents have no knowledge of Romeo and Juliet’s marriage and they tell Juliet she has to marry Paris, a nobleman with money. Despite Paris being a nobleman with money, Romeo is a better husband for Juliet. This is because Paris want to marry Juliet for her parent's money and Romeo is marrying Juliet for love. In Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo is professing his love to Juliet, and Juliet is professing her love to him. Also, during this scene, Juliet says that his name has nothing to do with who is his, and Romeo says that he would give up his name, Montague, for her because he loved her. Again in Act 5 Scene 3 Romeo is talking about how even death cannot take away Juliet’s beauty. Then because Romeo thinks Juliet is dead and knows he cannot live without her, he kills himself to be with her. Showing that he is in love with her, and not her money like Paris.

Memoirs and narratives are important pieces of writing. Narratives and memoirs tell a nonfiction story about the author's life in order to teach the reader a lesson. These stories can be sorrowful or cheerful and anywhere in between. Narratives and memoirs allow other people to learn from others mistakes and achievements, letting you learn lessons without actually learning them.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Advertising Changes The Value

Frederick the Great changed the perceived value of the potato in Prussia by declaring it a royal vegetable. Then, he started a potato patch and gave instructions for guards to guard the potato patch. When something is guarded, normally it has value, so the Germans started an underground potato patch. Frederick the Great used perceived value by saying that the only people good enough to eat the potato were those apart of the royal family and that this vegetable needed to be guarded. Making the peasants in his time believe that the vegetable had great value. While Ataturk used perceived value when deterring women in Turkey from wearing the veil. Instead of banning the veil he made it a law that if you were a prostitute you had to wear the veil. By doing this it made people think badly about anyone wearing a veil. So women who did not want people thinking badly about them stopped wearing the veil.

Rory’s idea about the train ride to France falls under perceived change because the train company would not be changing anything about the train itself or the length of the ride. The company would not have to spend 6 billion pounds, to change the train tracks, in order to make the ride 40 minutes shorter. However, the company would be using different techniques by using supermodels and selling liquor that the ride would be perceived as shorter. The company would not have to spend as much money on building new tracks, yet the passengers would like that the length of the ride had been shortened.

By taking a product and changing the way a consumer looks at it is perceived value. This adds value to the product without drastically changing the product. Changing someone's perspective can be useful, instead of spending more money on making a new product, and can also be used rather than making a new product out of new resources. Companies can change a product, however, if the product is not perceived as different the new merchandise will not bring in more money than the old product. However, if a consumer thinks that a new product is better than an old one, even if it is not, then the consumer is likely to go out and buy the new product. So, using perceived value is more effective than trying to change reality.
This Ted Talk gives more information about how advertising changes value.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Data and Advertisements

I feel that polls/surveys are reliable when people cite them in a study . This is because when using the surveys the study has evidence and the information being provided in the study is being backed up. While the survey creators can manipulate people in order to get the answers that they right, there is data and data gives evidence to support an argument. Even though the surveys can be manipulative the data is reliable.

The biggest struggle for me was finding advertisements that fit with the hooks I decided one. This was a struggle because when looking for the advertisements the hook was not always clear, and the way some advertisements presented the hook was different that what I had seen before with other advertisements that were using the same hook. Furthermore, this was a struggle because interpreting the advertisement, to find the hook, was difficult.  

This advertisement for Earth Day uses Inclusive Language and Anecdotes/Personal Experience. I know that it is using Inclusive Language because it says “we are running out of time,”  and Inclusive Language addresses the reader personally. The advertisement also uses Anecdote/Personal Experience because it is telling the story of how humans are melting the ice and raising the sea levels. This advertisement is using messaging value because it is telling people that they are socially conscious and that others need to be this way also. Messaging value targets a person who is socially conscious which is why messaging value fits.